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About Our Products

At Simply Go Natural Cosmetics, our ingredients are 100% natural organic butters and oils, and 100% pure therapeutic grade  Essential Oils to improve the health of hair and skin. Our hair care products are for all hair types from naturally curly hair to straight hair, and chemically treated hair.  Our hair serums and hair butters are specifically formulated for dry hair and scalp care and can also be used on chemically treated hair, natural hair, braids, locks, and extensions. The Gentle Care Line- Formerly known as the Sensitive Line (excluding shampoo) can be used from hair to toe and therefore recommended for hair and body to relieve dry scalp and skin.  For conditions such as eczema and psoriasis care, try our Avocado-Shea Body Butters and our Skin Balm. All our oils and butters are suitable for the skin if not sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Quick Products Guide: 

Skin Care

Our skin care products are designed for normal to severe dry skin care and regular use improves skin health and making skin glow.  We have four types of body butters and a skin balm. Choose products based on preferred ingredients, however, for best result, people with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are recommended our Avocado-Shea Body Butters and Skin Balm. 

Choose from :

1. Avocado- Shea-  Ideal for dry sensitive skin


2. Avocado-Shea-Lavender if not scent sensitive but have sensitive skin.

For those with no skin sensitivity,  try our Cocoa Butter range. Choose:

1. Cocoa - where the butter has a natural cacao scent from the pure cocoa butter used,


2. Cocoa Butter- Ylang Ylang for the sweet scent  of the Ylang Ylang essential oil. 

There are great as gifts for anyone. 

Hair Care

Simply Shea Soft Line –For soft, easily managed, fast growing hair. Ideal for curly and wavy hair. 

Coconut Pride Line - For thickening, stimulating growth, relieving dry hair and itchy scalp,  for ALL HAIR TYPES.


 reviewed Simply Go Natural Cosmetics — 5 star November 23 at 8:04pm

''I personally love the sensitive hair pomade. At first I wasn't too sure about applying hair products on my 3 years old arms and legs due to eczema but I am so glad I did. Not only did it take the itching away but it cleared it up and it's gone :). I will be using the product from now on his skin after bath time and in the mornings. I love this product..''

Diane Daye..

5 star 11/12/2016 at 12:04pm

I tried the simply go natural cosmetics products and the experience was awesome,my clients loved it and they always want to order on a routine basis. Thank you for this wonderful products

Nancie Kem, From UNIQUE BEAUTY AND HAIR, Dallas TX,

5 star 11/12/2016  at 10:07am.

When I first got my Coconut Pride Pomade by Simply go natural cosmetics in the mail I thought oh great, it's really a pomade!! So I kept it aside and went on with my business. Fast forward a few days later, thinking about my hair and how I really don't want to comb it in to work! I pull out the Coconut hair pomade, my twist flexi-rods (My hair is relaxed and not natural) with my water spray bottle, and a tail comb and plump myself in front of the mirror. Parting and twisting while applying the thick and sweet smelling pomade, before and after rolling. (I love lavender!!!!!) Few hours later, time for work! No heat, nothing! And voila!! The pomade worked just as well as any gel or setting lotion or whatever chemical you would use!!! I got to style my hair how I wanted. All chemical free and smelling wonderfully too, left for work! I love it!!

Rosemary Chioma Njk-Ogz, Houston, TX

5 star 11/12/2016 at 12:04pm ·

I kept my hair natural for the past two years but it was hard to maintain so I had to relax it. The reason was that, I was absolutely clueless about what products to use to retain softness and make it manageable. There are so many products at the store to experiment and as a result I spent too much just to stay natural!!!
I regretted relaxing my hair now, with the help of simplygonaturalcomestics I am transitioning back to natural hair. The Coco Shea scalp hair treatment is perfect for my dry damaged hair, whilst the Shea Soft hair spray keeps it soft for 'wash and go' or protective hairstyles.
My favorite is the Easy Transition hair pomade, it is not too oily and has all the ingredients to nourish and strengthen my roots.

It has been a month since I started using it and my hair is growing really fast!

Absolutely love it!!!!

Isatou Jallow, USA

September 26 ·

I love the Simpy Shea butter. The difference in my skin is evident very quickly! Thank you.

‎Nora Butler‎, Halifax, NS, Canada