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Where to buy our products Packaged Products

We hope to play a small role in your daily choices in making healthier choices towards your healthy hair and skin care goals by making us one of your staples in your home and we look forward to you joining our growing healthy hair and glowing skin family, which is why we are working on a couple of projects to get our products on big big box stores in addition being in Sobeys inc in 2021, so you can have easy excess to healthy hair and skin care where ever you are. So, sign up to our news letters to get more information or follow us on our social media pages to stay up-to-date with us. 


We sell wholesale, bulk, and retail online, and, 

Packaging Free and Refill Solutions: 

To cater for the growing need for packaging free products locally, we now have some of our body butters, Hair Serum and Our Skin/Lip Balm at

1. The Tare Shop on 5539 Cornwallis St, Halifax, and at

2. Luminate Co Wellness Market on 486 Starboard Dr, in Bedford/Larry Uteck, NS for our local customers.  

All our products are 100% produced in Canada, based in Halifax, NS.


Stores with packaged Products:

Sobeys Inc Stores

Local Small Business Stores

  1. The Tare Shop- Halifax and Dartmouth
  2. Luminate Co
  3. The Healthy Bug Natural Health Shoppe on 
  4. The Trainyard General Store
  5. Green Eyed Monstera Store/ Hook Line Tinker