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This Could Be Ruining Your Hair And Skin...

This Could Be Ruining Your Hair And Skin...


Silicon can trap dirt, oils, and dead skin cells in your pores. Silicon may be the reason you are having skin breakouts and other troubles with your skin. One major concern that you should consider is Silicon’s inability to work well with other skin care products in your skin care routine. Silicon can block other key ingredients from absorbing into the skin. Therefore, using a product that contains silicon can defeat the whole purpose of most skin care products…to moisturize, protect, radiate, smoothen, and repair damaged skin.
Silicon is like a water filter that filters out all the important minerals you need. You don’t want to purchase a skin care product and have all the benefits be robbed away from you.

Go with a product that is free of silicon so the product can work its magic and the skin can absorb all the essential moisture it needs.

The kicker
Their no skin health benefits that come with the sue of silicon. It is primarily used by skin and health care companies to give the product a smoother texture allowing for it to spread in your hands with ease. There are absolutely no benefits to silicon.

Products of ours that are Silicon free

-All of them
-Our conditioners are free of silicon’s and sulphates

Where to find us

Website: SimplyGoNatural


Sobeys (22 Locations across HRM and Atlantic Canada )

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