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Coconut Oil (You are Missing Out)

Coconut Oil (You are Missing Out)

Coconut Oil 

We have been giving our customers quality ingredients in our skin care products since the beginning of our launch in 2016.

Now we are taking the opportunity to share with you some of our miracle working ingredients. As you can tell from the ingredients we have covered, all of our ingredients have medicinal and healing properties. Our shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil all cleanse, moisturize, and heal skin. 

Today we will be looking into coconut oil and its magical properties.

What is Coconut oil and what can it do for you?

Coconut oil is an oil extracted from the white meat inside coconuts. The meat is pressed and smashed until it excretes a clear smooth oil. 

Here are some benefits 

  • Antibacterial properties 
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Improves skin texture in as little as three days 
  • Detoxifies the skin 

We care about your skin, and we want you looking as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. Show yourself love by using natural ingredients for your skin and hair, you deserve it. Go natural and make things simple.

-Simply Go Natural Cosmetics 

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