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Lip Balm- Shea Butter-Jojoba-Carrot Oil- 5g
Lip Balm- Shea Butter-Jojoba-Carrot Oil- 5g

Lip Balm- Shea Butter-Jojoba-Carrot Oil- 5g

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Ideal for dry, chapped and damaged lips - Make your lips ultra-soft the natural & organic way.

We are all prone to "dry lips" - Whether we find ourselves licking our lips regularly, experience dryness during the winter seasons, or are just tired of using unnatural, and chemical-based products; Our Lip Balm has taken care of all your worries.

Why should I be using this lip balm?

  • Provides moisture to your lips, and makes them ultra-soft.
  • 100% natural, and organically produced (with the best ingredients) 
  • Scent-free, and made without petroleum. 

The Ingredients:

Unrefined Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Canadian Beeswax, Castor Oil, Vitamin E and Carrot Oil.

What differentiates this lip balm from others available? 

You may be the person who's currently using chemical-based products - These products provide you with an instant moisture feel, but the dryness tends to come back. This is why you must be using an organic, well-extracted and natural product; This is exactly what our lip balm ensures.

The lip balm is 100% natural, and provides soothing moisture to your lips - Making your lips ultra-soft for hours to come.

This product was handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada.