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Curly Hair Kit
Curly Hair Shampoo
Curly Hair Conditioner
Curly Hair Serum

Type 3 Curly and Type 2 Wavy Hair Starter Kit

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The complete starter kit - A step towards the curly hair which you've been dreaming of.

Why do I need this starter kit?

If you're the person who's either: struggling to stimulate your hair growth, trying to find the 'perfect' hair products, or just seeking a complete set which will make your curly and wavy hair ultra-soft and easier to manage; We have created this starter kit just for you!

Our curly hair starter kit (Thanking all of the products) effectively helps to make your hair ultra-soft while stimulating healthy hair growth too - The complete set is also great for helping with dryness around the scalp and hair too.

Suitable for:

  • For those on their Curly Girl Method (CGM) on their natural hair journey.
  • Type2 Wavy Hair.
  • Type3 Curly Hair.
  • Type4 Curly Hair 

What does this starter kit include?

1. Simply SheaSoft Shampoo

2. Simply SheaSoft Conditioner (250g)

3. Sheasoft Hair Serum (150ml)

How to use: LOC Method/ Curly Girl Method

1. Shampoo(optional) and rinse your hair.

2. (A)Apply conditioner generously in wet hair, detangle hair and rinse the excess conditioner out and dry hair to remove excess water

or (b)Apply a small amount of conditioner in wet hair and detangle- no rinsing required.

3. Massage serum in hair making sure both hair and scalp are properly oiled while detangling Hair.

4. Style as you wish.

You may also use follow your Curly Girl Method routine.

All of the products consisted of this starter kit are proudly handmade in Canada.