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natural butter for hair
natural butter for hair
natural butter for hair
natural butter for hair
natural hair butter

Hair Butter- Root Stimulator- Coconut, Almond Oil and Lavender EO.

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An exclusive from our "Coconut Pride Line" and luxuriously moisturizes, nourishes and repairs your hair.

Our hair butter is distinctively formulated, which makes the product supreme in catering for dry, thin, dull and itchy hair - With thanks to the richness of essential oils (and other ingredients), this product is effective in deeply conditioning, nourishing and repairing the condition of your hair.

Why should I be using this hair butter?

Thanking the unique formulation of the product, it is formulated to rejuvenate the condition of your hair. With one use of the product a day, you will notice the condition of your hair slowly improving - Our hair butter nourishes the roots and ultimately makes your hair appear more beautiful, shiny and sleek in appearance.

Who is this hair butter for?

This hair butter was formulated for those individuals with dry, thin, dull, itchy or damaged hair - With just one use a day, your hair will feel the benefits which the hair butter has to offer. It promotes healthy hair growth, controls frizz, and prevents premature hair loss and greying. It's also a fantastic addition to your routines to prevent dry itchy scalp - The hair butter is suitable for all hair types.

The benefits to the hair:

  • Deeply conditions, nourishes and moisturizes the hair.
  • Stimulates your roots and promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Prevents premature hair loss and greying.
  • Effective at relieving a dry itchy scalp.
  • Adds shine, beauty and silkiness to your hair.

And... These are just a few of many benefits which our hair butter can provide to your hair (Use daily for even better results)


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Pure Canadian Organic Unrefined Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Carrot Oil, Castor Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil.

This product is free from: Mineral Oils, Petroleum, Silicone, Alcohol, Synthetics and other chemicals.

Caution and warning: Please store this product in a cool, dry and dark place. Do not use on children under two; Our hair and skin butter is more ideal (Cocunet from the gentle care line)

Proudly made in Canada.

Volume: 120g/50g