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Volunteering as a supervisor at a children’s cooking cub

Volunteering as a supervisor at the children’s cooking cub hosted at Sobeys kitchen in Clayton Park HALIFAX, NS by Little Learners Social Association yesterday, created by @matellaeventconcepts. Had so much fun and was so impressed with these kids aged 8-10 who paid so much attention to detail with so much interest and followed the recipe given by our Sobeys Chef👌. Three groups cooking a Chinese New Year themed three course meal, from 9.30am to 4.30pm and no complain of tiredness! It was engaging, educative and fun, I including the younger kids. The food was delicious, and I learnt new things such as making a Chinese food from scratch😎. As a parent it was great having my children in this environment where they can learn and have fun as I watch how they interact in such an environment so I know their strength and weaknesses. Social skills are very important just as the academic skills these days so I was really happy with this children’s club as they have so many different activities which brings both parents and kids together. I can’t wait for next month’s contest and the food to be made💃🏽. Join this club if you have young children and lives in HALIFAX, NS, Canada 🇨🇦. You will thank me later.👌😀. You can find the club on fb, and from our page👍🏻. Have a blessed week😘. .

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