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The One Secret and Deadly Chemical Found In Hair Products

The One Secret and Deadly Chemical Found In Hair Products

Parabens! Did you know parabens are one of the most harmful chemicals for your hair?


They are easily absorbed through the skin and can cause severe damage to your scalp.


But what are they exactly?


Paraben is a general term used to describe a large list of chemicals. These chemicals include ethylparaben, isobutyl paraben, isopropyl paraben, etc. All of these chemicals can be found in popular cosmetic brands. Parabens are used to increase the shelf life of products. They serve as a deterrent against harmful bacteria, mold, and fungi.


How will Parabens damage your health?


Parabens are one of the deadliest legal substances companies are allowed to put into their products. The compound can cause increased estrogen in the body, which is detrimental to both the health of men and women. With artificial estrogen being circulated in the bloodstream, some women can experience breast cell division and the growth of tumors. Increased levels of estrogen in men can cause lethargic behavior, man boobs, increased stomach fat and depression.


A list of health concerns associated with increased Paraben exposure


-Fertility problems

-Issues with normal reproductive development and birth outcomes, including an increased chance of preterm birth and -decreased birth weight

-Changes in menstrual cycles

-Decreases in sperm production and lower testosterone levels in animal studies

-Increased risk of developing certain types of cancers, particularly breast cancer in women

-Skin irritation and reactions, including redness and rashes


Simply Go Naturals Paraben Free products


All of our skincare and hair care products are Paraben free. Most companies are aware of the health concerns related to Paraben exposure but they include them in their products anyways, why? because it's cheap. 


Simply Go Natural was created with the goal of preservation and honesty in mind. We care deeply about our customers. We are always looking for ways to provide value to those who support us. Be aware of the brand you buy from. Ask yourself if they truly have your best interest in mind.

-Simply Go Natural


Where to purchase our non toxic products that are void of Parabens:

-Visit our website

-Find our products at 22 Sobeys locations across Atlantic Canada

-Search for us on amazon (Simply Go Natural)


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