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My Momprenuerlife Journey Part1

My Momprenuerlife Journey Part1

Baby, do you remember when momy used to go to the office, son "no"..
Yup! This is my son's answer to me when I tried to explain to him why I'm now more on my phone rather than being away in the office.. and boy was I shocked to learn my son has no recollection of me working but he remembers me being on the phone all the time but remembers his dad working.
This really got me thinking how much parents sacrifice for our children that they will never know or understand. this made me to want to share my momprenuerlife and the journey with you through blog posts here on our website Starting with how I lost my first full time professional job in England thanks to motherhood.
My name is Joyce Adom, Owner and manufacturer of Simply Go Natural Cosmetics and it's products, based in Halifax NS Canada.

My son was about six months old when my husband got a job outside London UK where he was born, and I had to relocate to join him. I later got a job outside the city we were in when my son was 11months old. It would be my first professional full-time job after graduation in masters in Human Resource Management from University of Guildford, England. I was so excited! I put my son in a daycare near our home and started commuting to work on a bus as a couldn't drive at the time.
My son is very socal and loved the daycare so it made life easy dropping him off. The first month was ok as my husband was around, but my husband decided to visit Canada to explore the possibility of better life there right after my son's first birthday. Now, I was born and went to high school in Ghana, migrated as a teenager to Sweden, and then to the UK for educational purposes. I also have a history of moving around even in West African at the age of 15 so it didn't bother me as much.
Only this time, I was with a 1 year old in a new environment and knew nobody, yet I was ok with it.
I was left to juggle everything with my son alone while getting to know my new environment with open mind.
Soon challenges started popping up.. traffic became crazy and will get to work late by the time the daycare opens for me to drop off my son.
This created a situation at my new job and my colleagues started complaining. In addition to the lateness, my son started getting ill. It was so bad, I remember arriving late to work this particular day only to be called barely two hours later from the daycare to pick my son up as he had very high fever.
I grabbed my bags, informed my supervisor about the emergency, rushed to the daycare to see my son stripped naked because his temperature was so high. I picked him up and got to clinic, got his prescription and set off to go home. On my way home I decide to pick up some yoghurts for him as he had not eaten anything since I left him. Turned my back to check on him only to find his eyes rolled up, all white and shaking.. it was the scariest moment of my life as a young mother that will never leave me. I picked him up, laid him on the floor, grabbed his water bottle, emptied on him and started screaming please call the ambulance! The people around called the ambulance and we were taken to the hospital and later discharged.
This changed my life as a mother for life.. the fear of loosing my son never left.

I was on six month probation and of course I was let go from that job as my boy kept getting sick and my husband wasn't around to help.
The very next month, I sold most of our belongings and joined my husband in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
He is now 8years old and I know the poor boy truly don't remember the struggles but it really hit me hard but same time gives be solace in the fact that I did my job well. At least he remembers me being there for him.. and my husband did such a great job they didn't miss my absence or his.. those days working all week and spending the weekend at the markets and events.
This is to encourage mothers to keep doing the great job of balancing life around their children and to prioritize them and not fail to development themselves though it all.
Also, fathers, don't forget to get involved in the daily activities with your children so they don't see you as always being gone when you work so hard to provide for them.
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