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Expanding the Business

Expanding the Business


The history and beauty of Boston is incredible. 

Thinking back to the Boston tea party was humorous. Everyone is sick and tired of being taxed into oblivion. Learning the history of rebellion against the taxation of tea was extremely enlightening. Some of that bravery may even translate into modern life. I love tea; I'd be mad if someone told me I had to pay a tax for tea!

We feel bravery when we rebel against unjust laws. We feel invigorated when we set standards for what is acceptable and what isn't. Being a business owner, I know this feeling all too well.

Take the time either today or this week to stand up for yourself. You get not what you deserve but what you accept. 


Old cities are beautiful because they represent time, growth, improvement, tradition, and hard work. These are all values that we attribute to our brand. Anything of value needs to maintain tradition while simultaneously having the capability to adapt. We embrace the natural tradition by using shea butter, cocoa butter and other natural ingredients; however, we adapt to the times by implementing attractive scents.

Your dedication towards your skincare and haircare is a beautiful art. You put time and effort into your appearance and deserve to be recognized.

It's always nice to visit new places and reflect on history.

We wish you the best and a questionably early Merry Christmas. 







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